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Attended Funerals

An attended funeral is a gathering held in honour of the deceased, where family and friends come together to commemorate their life.

Unlike an unattended funeral, which lacks a formal ceremony or service, an attended funeral involves a simultaneous ceremony or event while the burial or cremation takes place. It provides an opportunity for loved ones to pay their respects, offer support, and say their final goodbyes in a shared space.

This may include religious or cultural rituals, speeches or eulogies, music, prayers, or readings. The ceremony allows attendees to express their grief, share memories, and find solace in the collective presence of others who are also mourning the loss.

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Unattended Funerals

An unattended funeral, as the name suggests, is a type of funeral where family and friends decide not to be present at the actual burial or cremation of the deceased.

However you may choose to have a ceremony, event, or service to honour the departed where family and friends have the opportunity to gather together, share stories, offer condolences, and find support from one another. This may involve readings, music, prayers, or eulogies that reflect the life, values, and accomplishments of the deceased.